Mario Del Curto, the Lausanne-based photographer, was born on 29th March 1955 in the so-called “Middle of the World” in Pompaples (Vaud, Switzerland). He left school in 1972 to follow his passion for the visual arts.
He soon discovered his preference for ‘learning by doing’ rather than studying academic techniques and undertook numerous internships and collaborative ventures both in Switzerland and abroad. His concerned view of the world around him led to a personal engagement in his photographic reports. His work on the social unrest of the 1970’s-1980’s led to the publication of the book Suisse en mouvement with Philippe Maeder and Armand Dériaz.

In 1980, he became an independent photographer and commenced his stage work, particularly in the realm of theatre and dance. This is the environment in which his first portraits of artists were realized. Today, his photographs of the living arts, notable for their plastic sensitivity and stark expressionism, are exhibited worldwide. He is the official photographer of the Théâtre de Vidy in Lausanne and collaborates closely with the graphic designer Werner Jeker.

In 1983, he discovered Art brut and became a passionate admirer of this form of instinctive, highly individualized creation. A true successor of the first photographers of Art brut works (Robert Doisneau or Gilles Ehrmann in particular), he now devotes much of his work to this theme. He is especially drawn by Art brut artists, their daily lives and their world views. He travels the globe in search of them and has already dedicated numerous exhibitions and publications to them, in particular the emblematic publication Les Clandestins sous le vent de l’Art brut first published in 1999. In parallel to his photographic activity, since 2005 Mario Del Curto has realized intimist short films in which he portrays the gestures and words of these “wayside creators”.

Mario Del Curto’s photographs are exhibited in several international galleries and museums, in particular the Musée de l’Élysée and the Art Brut Collection in Lausanne, of which he is a member of the Advisory Committee. Mario Del Curto is also a consultant and associate curator of several exhibitions and festivals. Today the scope of his work extends beyond the artistic genre and includes trans-disciplinary projects.

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